f o r   t h e   l o v e   o f   h a n d m a d e

hand spun galery
Alpaca fiber

Rigid Heddle Loom:

This is my Flip folding rigid heddle loom. It is easy to use and portable because it can be folded in half with the weaving project remaining on it.

I use the rigid heddle loom for simpler patterns where the texture of the yarn rather than the pattern is the prdominating design feature, or for weaves that include hand-manipulated patterns such as the Spanish lace pattern in the Senorita scarf shown on the left.

Merino fiber

8 Shaft Floor Loom

Most of my shawls are woven on my David 90 Loom by Louet. The 8 shafts give me a multitude of pattern options. A weaving width of 90cm is wide enough for the projects I like to produce and has the added benefit of fitting in my studio aka living room.

  More information about the different equipment and techniques I use in my products will be added shortly.
hand knit galery
hand woven galery
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