I am passionate about language and keenly interested in all things technical. After starting my professional career in design, marketing, and project management related fields, I turned to translation and found my true calling. I specialise in the field of tech translations, which I have now practised for over twenty years.

Born and raised in Germany, I grew up in a bilingual home speaking German and British English. I later moved to the United States and learned American English. I enjoyed (and still enjoy) learning and experiencing the cultural differences between countries.

The most awarding aspect of my work is offering interesting topics and ideas to a broader audience by translating them into a different language in an accurate and compelling way. It appeals to my commitment to precision and to my desire to capture and convey the individual author's style.

Customers / authors

DOM Publishers
TU Delft, A+BE
TU Darmstadt
Hochschule Luzern
Speedline Technologies Inc.
Koen Mulder
BenE München e.V.
GPS Technologies GmbH
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Knaack
Dr. Marcel Bilow
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Wiewiorra
prof. dr. Mick Eekhout (emeritus)
amongst others